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Each Holiday season quickly brings me back to a childhood spent in and around the kitchen learning to whisk homemade frosting and roll handmade dough. There were oranges turned into pomander balls and soaked and boiled on the stove. Citrus and clove scents filled the house. A multitude of baked items in and out of the oven, the often overpowering scents of vanilla and cinnamon lingering.

At the center of every holiday season there is always family and food. With all of the holiday parties at the Radisson each year, I find myself still in the kitchen, and still with family. The kitchen is much larger at the Radisson, but still has a special holiday aroma. The family consists of chefs I have worked with for 15 years and often see more frequently than some of my extended family.

The Radisson holiday menu for 2018 has been assembled with thoughts of aromas and flavors of what the holidays mean to our staff family.

After each holiday season there are new favorites that emerge. After a full holiday season of smelling the fragrances, I will spend time in my home kitchen attempting to replicate them in hopes that my children too will to have a fond memory of the holiday season.

With your event catered by the Radisson, we hope your group will also enjoy the sense of tradition our events will provide your attendees. We hope they are provided with a great big smile when they first encounter the large decorated trees in the lobby and leave wondering if they just ate the best dessert ever at their party.

Every holiday party executed at the Radisson is unique and we pride ourselves in making sure the event is a true success from start to finish. Our attendees not only enjoy events at the Radisson but they also love the convenience of having locations to visit after the event in and around downtown, but also the opportunity to stay in world class accommodations if they so choose.

Our holiday parties are special events at the Radisson. The smiles from our staff during this time of the year are a little bit bigger (even when we are running around a bit busier) and the smell and feel of the Radisson are simply wonderful.

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your holiday party and provide you with what we like to do best, share our talents and family with you!Happy Holidays!

Derrick Ricca
Holiday Party Memory Creator


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